BE Electrical

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical (BE Civil)

Bachelor of Electrical engineering is a professional career, which is concerned with the design, research, development, planning, manufacturing and management of electrical systems and devices that shapes the modern economics and contributes to the quality of life. Electrical engineers design, develop and supervise the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems for generation, distribution, utilization and control of electric power or electrical systems that are used for computers, communications and other industrial applications.

Admission Procedure

The students who have passed +2 in Science or equivalent degree are eligible to join BE. They must have passed entrance exam conducted by Purbanchal University.


To develop highly professional technical manpower to assist in various development activities of the nation and make a higher skilled learning center for engineering. To assure & provide skill oriented engineering education in Nepal & focus practical based & quality education with professional careers in Engineering field. To develop as a sustainable engineering institution in Nepal.